Tuesday, July 28, 2015


 I have learned many new things for making a good presentation. I learned the 5x5 rule, appropriate font styles, and other good tips. I was able to really improve my presentation style.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


   I find Facebook to be a good tool depending on who uses it. I use Facebook to keep in contact with my brother who is in the military, but not a lot of kids my age have it. Facebook is mainly a tool for communicating for people under 25, for school groups or family members.
   Ruby summed it up it well when she said that teens want what is trending, that is why we moved around online. New apps and sites are created and we jump on them once they get popular. I think that it is because we will have a larger following if more of our friends are on the same sites as us, more shares, more likes, more re-posts, etc. If a social media becomes invalid, we will not be receiving the attention we would posting the same content somewhere else.
    If you have family members online, it makes you more cautious to what you post. You may refrain from using strong language and posting things on Facebook rather than instagram, twitter, or tumblr where you may not have anyone following you that you are related to.
    Teens will follow the stream and Facebook's amount of teens has dropped severely since new forms of social media have been created.

Is It Possible to Disconnect?

    I literally sleep with my phone close to me on my bed. I have had a phone since I was in the third grade and I had to take the school bus alone so for me, a phone is  a part of my everyday necessities. Not even checking it every second, I just find that having a phone serves as a security blanket for me.
    Ideally, I would be able to let go of my phone for 24 hours but I don't think I can. I have grown so used to clutching it in my hand or the feel of it against my pocket, that I worry when I do not feel that comfort.